Means the world ~ comprising variety of approaches to the treatment of diseases going for beyond curative stimulation through hands and feet.
The Korean word Su stands for «hand» while the word Jok means «foot». At first the new method was only concerned with different ways to activate the therapeutic hands and feet correspondence systems. Later on Prof.Park Jae Woo succeeded in working out the well-balanced system of metaphysical knowledge that represents the base of the Onnuri Medicine. This system embraces the Homo-Hetero law, the Triorigin concept the Eight-Origins and Six-Energies theories, the in-depth descriptions of the structural pattern and functional features of the Homo-system of the body and the Unified Energy System of the human being incorporating the Diamond Energy System, the chakras and meridians systems.
The ONNURI Medicine will involve the application of the diverse therapeutic modalities based on the unified Eight-Origins theory. It includes SuJok therapy, body Homo-system therapy, Energy Flow Therapy, method of harmonizing Six Ki and Eight Ki in the body, Emotional and Reasoning level treatment of time-and-space energies and other methods.
ONNURI medicine is a new vision of the etiology and pathogenesis of illnesses. It is the manifold character of the theory which is the key to understanding the mechanisms involved in the development of any pathologic processes in the body of man, and this is where a treatment strategy to deal with the said diseased conditions could be found out.

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