Hiccup is an involuntary spasm of the glottis and diaphragm, causing the characteristic sound. Occasional attack of hiccup suggests that in case of a mild that may be removed without medication, but if it persists, treatment is required. Hiccup is mostly caused by irregular diet, stagnation of liver qi and presence of cold in the stomach, leading to up perversion of the stomach qi instead of descending. Irregular food intake causes failure of the stomach qi to descend or emotional frustration stagnates the liver qi, leading to up perversion of the stomach qi. The attack of the stomach by cold, over eating of raw and cold food or taking drugs of cold nature gives rise to retaining of the stomach and up perversion of qi.
Retention of food; 
Main manifestations: loud hiccups, epigastric and abdominal distension, anorexia, thick, sticky tongue coating rolling and forceful pulse. The retention of food in the stomach that disturbs the proper functioning of the spleen and stomach in transportation and transformation, which impedes the qi activities are mainly due to food retention in the stomach.
Stagnation of qi; 
Main manifestations: continual hiccups, distending pain and feeling of oppression in the chest and hypochondria, thin tongue coating, string taut and forceful pulse. Basically the liver qi, if stagnated, will attack the stomach, causing upward perversion of stomach qi, therefore, hiccup, distending pain in the chest and hypochondria and feeling of oppression appear.
Cold in the stomach; 
Main manifestations: slow and forceful hiccups which may relieved by the heat and simultaneously aggravated by cold, discomfort in the epigastrium, white, moist tongue coating slow pulse. Basically the stomach qi fails to descend because of stagnated cold, so hiccup is forceful. In case of disturbance of the stomach qi, discomfort in the epigastrium occurs. If cold gets heat, smooth circulation of qi results and then hiccup is relieved by if cold gets worse, hiccup is aggravated. White, moist tongue coating and slow pulse indicate the presence of cold in the stomach.
Acupuncture Onnuri Medicine is a new stage in the development of Oriental medicine. Highly effective for treatment, easy and accessible to learn, simple to apply, Onnuri different methods have attracted much attention to and interest in this system all over the world. One of the important features of this system is the fast-coming effect of the method. Onnuri therapy extremely quickly arrests pain syndromes of various etiologies. Since the method has a fast and effective removal of the pain syndrome makes the treatment period shorter and the patients’ cure quicker. One may get the results even from the first session itself.
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  1. I have involuntary hiccups which were unable to control through medicine, but fortunately with the help of acupuncture onnuri it could stop within few session through doctor Dinesh Kapur. Thanks to him


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