Tinnitus is a condition in which ringing, swishing, tinkling or other type of noise that seems to originate in the ear or head. In most of the cases, it is not a serious problem but rather a nuisance that eventually resolves. Rarely, it represents a serious medical health problem such as a brain aneurysm or acoustic nerve tumor.
Tinnitus can originate from any of the following areas: the outer ear, middle ear, inner ear; or it can be due to abnormalities in the brain. Common causes of tinnitus further include the following:
•Fluid, infection, or disease of the middle ear bones or eardrum (tympanic membrane)
•Loud noise exposure, such as loud noises from highly intense music and firearms
•Damage to the microscopic endings of the hearing nerve in the inner ear, advanced aging is generally accompanied by a certain amount of hearing nerve impairment
•Medications most noticeably, aspirin
•Temporomandibular joint syndrome, an abnormal condition involving facial pain and poor functioning of the lower jaw.
•Meniere’s syndrome
Some common and easy remedies, such as the following, may be of benefits to some individuals:
~Reduce or avoid caffeine and salt intake, and quit smoking.
~Some individual’s with tinnitus have been found to have lower zinc levels and may benefit from zinc supplementation.
~Melatonin may help those who suffer with tinnitus, particularly with disturbed sleep due to tinnitus.
~Iron deficiency and pernicious anemia can cause noises.
~Ginkgo a natural remedy, but to date, controlled studies have not shown to be effective.
~Some behavioral and cognitive therapies that have been successful include retraining therapy, masking, and behavioral therapy.
~The only real prevention for tinnitus is to avoid damaging your hearing. Most causes other than hearing loss do not have prevention strategies. However, there are several things you can do to protect yourself from noise-related tinnitus.
•Do not use cotton swabs to clean ears as it can cause a wax impaction against the eardrum that can cause tinnitus.
•Protect hearing at workplace, wear earplugs or earmuffs, and follow hearing conservation guidelines set.
•When nearby any noise that bothers (a concert, sporting event, hunting) wear hearing protection to reduce noise levels.
•Headphones is to be used carefully.
•Even everyday noises, such as blow-drying your hair or operating a lawn mower, can require hearing protection. Keep earplugs or earmuffs handy for these activities.
•Cut back on or stop drinking alcohol and beverages that contain caffeine. Don’t smoke or use smokeless tobacco products (secondhand smoke also affects those around you and may contribute to SIDS, ear infections, and asthma in children). •Nicotine use may cause tinnitus by reducing blood flow to the structures of the ear.
•Tinnitus occurs more frequently in obese adults. Exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy weight improves blood flow to the structures of the ear and may prevent tinnitus.
Avoid exposure to loud sounds and noises.
Control blood pressure.
Decrease salt intake.
Limit the amount of simple sugars consumed, including those found in fruit juices. Hypoglycemia a condition that is worsened by the consumption of sugar can also cause ear ringing and hearing loss. Chromium helps to correct hypoglycemia by regulating glucose metabolism. And the best source is green pepper and apple.
Avoid nerve stimulants such as coffee and colas (caffeine) and tobacco (nicotine).
Reduce anxiety.
Stop worrying about the tinnitus. The more one worry and concentrate on the noise, the louder it will become.
Get adequate rest and avoid fatigue.
Exercise regularly.
Utilize a masking noise (for example, a competing sound such as a ticking clock, a radio, a fan, or white noise machine).
Avoid aspirin or aspirin products in large quantities.
Iron, vitamin B12 and folic acid corrects anemia, which improves condition in tinnitus.
Beat, a potent detoxifier.
Each sufferer of tinnitus has a personal experience with the condition, what brings relief for one person may not work for another. According to Encyclopedia of natural remedies, deficiencies in magnesium and potassium have been linked with tinnitus.
Acupuncture Onnuri SuJok methods, from the simplest to complex ones, are self-sufficient for coping with pain and obtaining a stable remission of even tinnitus. The SuJok method is a natural way of treatment, and the process of normalisation of the patient’s state, begins during treatment. The most effective and fast acting in treatment is Six Energies therapy in the structure of kidney meridian after preliminary correction of the emotional sphere.
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12 Replies to “Tinnitus”

  1. Dear Dr Dinesh ji, Namaskar !
    I am 63 year old Vegetarian Male, have Sensory-neural Hearing Loss ( 80 dBL on Left Ear and 100 dBL on Rt Ear.)
    Left Ear : Meniere since 1977 caused by “Severe Mental Exertion on Empty Stomach for 3 weeks” causing Vertigo, Vomiting and sudden Nerve Loss in Left Ear which fluctuated. Vertigo stopped 25 years ago and now Endolymphatic Hydrops or too much inner ear Fluid / Pressure and Tinnitus. Progressively lost Nerve Hearing over last 37 years ( now 80% Lost )
    Rt Ear :- Otitis Media history. Completely cured in 1994 by Surgery. Good Hearing till year 2010. 4 Years ago due to Loud Noise or Antibiotics, sudden loss of Nerve Hearing from 40% Loss to 98% Loss within 5 minutes. Now almost 98% Deaf in Rt Ear.
    Other Facts :- 7 years ago had Acute Pancreatitis caused by Too much Triglycerides and Cholesterol. Open Abdomen surgery in Mumbai in year 2007 when my Spleen and Gall Bladder were removed. Hearing in both ears reduced by around 40% during Pancreatitis treatment by Antibiotics and surgeries.
    Diabetes ( around 140 to 160 on Fasting ) only since last 4 years. Taking Metformin 500mg Twice Daily, and 30 units of Insulin by Lantus Inj. started Diabiant an Ayurvedic medicine since 1 month.
    Kindly advise if your Sujok Treatment can help me ? I can visit your Clinic in August
    Kindly advise how long I need to stay and How much Budget I should plan for Treatment costs.
    I must mention that recently 16 sitting Sujok treatment in Panchsheel Enclave by Dr. Pradeep Sharma proved totally futile even though I endured painful needles and large doses of Diet supplements. Not even 1% improvement in my hearing happened, so I feel little hesitant.

    Kind Regards
    Ramesh Sharma, Ajmer (Raj.)


  2. dear doctor i am suffering from mild titnitus fro righ ear. please suggest remedy / thearpy for it


  3. Hello Doctor,
    I was born with Cleft Palete, which was operated at the age of 3 yrs old. People who are born with Cleft Palete also have weak ear drum due to which they have constant clogging of ears from time to time. In 2003, I did have a ear surgery (right ear) (myringoplasty) for perforation and was successful. We have to take utmost care of our health in terms of not getting prone to cold and cough, as it does affect our ears during such illness.
    On 16th October , I felt heaviness in both my ears and felt some less hearing, due to which I had to once again rush to my ENT Specialist. I had got my Impudence and Audiogram done, in which it was diagnosed “LT SEROUS OTITIS MEDIA” against which Lt Myringotomy with T-Tube Insertion was done in my left ear and the right ear was cleaned during the surgery. Surgery lasted just for 15 mins as it was just insertion had to take place.
    Post surgery, it took around 5 days to get my life back to normal as I was still feeling heaviness in both my ears.
    As of now, everything is fine, but I still have mild hearing loss in my right ear and mild to moderate hearing loss in my left ear and my doctor had to go through the procedure just to avoid further worsening of hearing loss for my ears.
    Would now like to seek therapy to improve my hearing and feel confident.
    Would be of great help if you could please advice on the same.
    Thanks a ton for taking out time to help me. Appreciate it a lot.
    Best Regards
    Puja Bhalla


  4. My grandmother Mrs.Godaveri Devi, aged around 85 years was dumb since 2 years. ENT specialist told her that you can not cure due to age factor and you have to use ears machine. When we approached to dr.dinesh kapur, he informed with the energy concept everything is possible either way, as there is no side effects as no medication is be provided with this concept. It is astounding to see the results within few sittings that she recovered upto 80% and now she is in a position to hear normal. so we thanks dr.kapur.
    [with warm regards, NITIN]


  5. Thanks for an unbelievable post, will examine your personal others reviews. many thanks for your thinking within this, I experienced somewhat made an impact to by this short article. Thanks again! You earn a great aspect. Displays the beauty through excellent facts here. I do think that if more individuals thought of it that way, they’d have got a better time obtain the hold ofing the difficulty.


  6. Great i loved the post,and did not know the connection between Tinnitus,and smoking.I learn something everyday.


  7. Its indeed been a pleasure having Dr. Dinesh Kapur treat me for the last few weeks…..his demeanour, skill set and words of re assuranceto the patient itself solves half the illness…..i have been getting treatment done for Menieres/Tinnitus and am feeling better since thesessions started….I definitely feel that Sujok treatment done by himis beneficial and has a very positive aura around it…. best wishes
    Sanjay Dutt, Asian Games Village, New Delhi.


  8. How effectively it works one can observe that my father was having problem in ears for the last more than six months and having ax coming out which was easily controlled and cured through the energy concept of sujok acupuncture.
    thanks to doctor Dinesh.


  9. Finally, an issue that I am passionate about. I have looked for information of this caliber for the last several hours. Your site is greatly appreciated.


  10. Nice post,and very informative,medicene can do little help to come out of this problem,i strongly believe tht sujo accupuncture will surely help people to come out of this. thank you dr dinesh for letting people know how they can overcome with thier problems with sujok.


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