EAR – Disorder

EAR – Disorder
Problems related to ear such as ache, hearing lost, inflammation, pus, noises, ringing, thin etc. In Onnuri SuJok, EAR correspondence point stimulation with BLACK color gives good results in case of discharge from the ear or ringing, and in case of blocked or clogged, color should be of RED one, at the same time stimulation on the projected point in the miniature form of hands or feet. Besides, the kidney meridian is also responsible for any problems in the ear, according to energy concept of Onnuri SuJok. But one may also get the good results with new research that the liver too is responsible for problems in ear according to chakras energy systems. One has to tackle kidney or liver too for better effective, simple, fast results!
What you need is to have diagnostic probes and stimulate with the diagnostic stick at the correspondence point.
Diagnostic probes
In the Homo-system of the body, a therapeutic correspondence point (or treatment reflected point) will be notable for a keen tenderness following a mechanical pressure. It is this phenomenon that has taken into consideration while conducting diagnosis or therapy.
The treatment process at the certain point by applying uniform pressure at the correspondence area located in miniature form of hands. Painful sensation caused by a diagnostic stick hitting the treatment point would be often associated with spontaneous mobile response of the muscles of the body part under investigation.
The size of the head of a diagnostic stick used in search for, and stimulation of, the treatment point should coincide with the area occupied by the correspondence area in the selected therapeutic system. The ribbed side surface of the stick serves to provide massage for the hands and feet, as well as for secure retention of an instrument by the doctor.
This diagnostic probe is used to locate and stimulate treatment points to be found in the correspondence systems of the head, trunk and limbs. The size of the heads of this diagnostic probe is such that it can ensure the most effective stimulation of the correspondence points.
A diagnostic probe is used to locate and massage curative points in the correspondence systems of hands, feet, and limbs. Its corrugated side surface allows employing this model as a probe-massager for massaging flat surfaces of hands, feet and limbs.

 Artificial stimulators
•Metal stars to fix up on correspondence point – for prolonged – action stimulators of the points.
Marked tenderness appearing even when slightly pressing on a metal star will point to correct application of the latter. Having fixed the star in the tender point with an adhesive plaster, the patient presses on it periodically by himself, making local massage. The nature of illness determines the duration of the application. It can vary from several hours to several days. Various sizes of metal stars allow enhancing the effect of their action in working with correspondence systems of various sizes.
In any case one may get positive effective results. If one does not get any results in initial few minutes, should consult take medical professional advice. The information provided through the blog is only for general interest and should not be misconstrued as a diagnosis, prognosis or treatment recommendation. This information does not in any way constitute the practice of chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy, medicine, or any other health care profession. Readers are directed to consult their health care provider about their specific health situation. It is a natural, drugless way of treatment; one may opt for it, even for better or improved hearing sense, should go for it.
smile notion; onnurimedicine.wordpress.com Dr.Dinesh kapur
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3 thoughts on “EAR – Disorder

  1. You have made my life such that people now see me as a miracle healer. I have a friend who’s ear is always bringing out fluid; can I use apply pressure to the correspondence point in the big thumb?


  2. Thanks for prompt reply & link, I have read the above article but it being a general write-up on ear disorders, it could not get me an answer to my problem. Shall be grateful, if you can provide further lead ( FB inbox) on the issue detail herein under :

    My specific ear Problem is as under :
    a) As per audiogram done, to investigate short hearing, it was found that in one-to-one talk, there is no cause of short hearing. But in group talk, if one is speaking from a distance, i lose certain syallables(hearing loss) and hear short.
    b) The nerves have become weak and its not a case of medication or surgery.
    c) The medicines that i take post By-pass surgery is causing the problem (as side effect).
    b) I hv been advised to wear CIC (6 filter) in both ears.

    Is there any remedy in Sujok ? If yes, where can i get the treatment. I am based in Mumbai western suburb (Borivali).

    Warm Regards,
    Hitendra Mehta


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