Emotions – unstable

Emotions – unstable
Muddle thinking in which the person keeps skipping from one idea to another, poor or missing ability to concentrate attention, boastfulness, fancifulness, and pretentiousness.
It means that person is having dominant energy of wind. And some persons who easily get exited, always searching for or likes any activity where there is excitement within, never easily satisfied, fluctuating muddle thinking.
A person having dominant energy of wind that affects meridians liver or gall bladder should tackle it. Or may put color dot with permanent marker per.
smile notion; onnurimedicine.wordpress.com ‘Dr.Dinesh kapur’
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2 thoughts on “Emotions – unstable

  1. I was suffering with a negative thinking and anxiety and was having western medicine but of no use and subsequently it lead to depression. Then I happen to meet Dr.Dinesh Kapur, consultant in acupuncture sujok. He advised me to put some color and rings which helped a lot to over the problem.
Indeed, it is unbeleivable! Thanks to Dr Dinesh kapur for his outstanding knowledge and guidance.


  2. Emotional aspects too it works positively, thanks to doctor kapur, for his indepth knowledge in all aspects, as seen and observed personally in different parameters.
    VK Behl


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