Chikungunya, a viral disease with severe illness that is transmitted through the mosquito bites. There is no possibility to have the chikungunya through the direct contact from another person who is already affected through the chikungunya. The condition is not a fatal one but mosquito control is the best method of prevention of chikungunya. And the symptoms may similar to dengue fever, with an acute febrile illness that may last for few days, but followed by a prolonged arthralgia disease, which affects the most of the joints of extremities. The pain in the joints could persist for weeks or months or in some cases years too is possible.
Symptoms include:
•Fever high,
•Arthralgia affecting joint pains,
•Conjunctivitis, and slight photophobia
•Petechial or maculopapular rash of trunk and occasionally in limbs and
Chikungunya as happens suddenly and often is accompanied with some rashes on the skin. However the most painful symptom is severe joint pain. Mouth ulcers, conjunctivitis and loss of taste may also hassle patients of chikungunya. It is not a fatal condition, but the effects can last for years. The fever will subside early but joint pains may remains.
•The most effective means of prevention are protection against contact with the disease carrying mosquitoes and mosquito control, using insect repellents, put dry lemon tree leaves. Wear long sleeves and trousers also offer protection.
•In preventive measures one has to increase the intake of fluids especially water to be in excess.
•And to prevent mosquito bites.
•The condition may not be fatal, but it can leave scars for life.
•Coconut water may be the effective solution to Chikungunya.
The post disease syndrome can easily be treated through Acupuncture Onnuri SuJok effectively. According to energy concept of the meridian in miniature form Gall bladder is the dominant one to tackle such problems for speedy results. One may amazingly find the difference within four to eight sessions.
smile notion: Dr.Dinesh kapur
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4 thoughts on “Chikungunya

  1. My wife was diagnosed chikungunya, and post ailment effects such as excessive stiffness of joints, muscles and pain, could easily be overcome through the concept sujok acupuncture. Thanks to doctor Dinesh for giving positive results in a short sessions.



  2. Thanks to doctor Dinesh who has given positive effective results in controlling chronic pain after diagnosing chikungunya.



  3. Incredible to find out the results after having problem and unbearable pain syndromes which could easily be recovered after taking few sessions from doctor Dinesh Kapur.
    It is really unbelievable. Thanks to him for the effectiveness.


  4. I was suffering from Chikungunya fever after that I had stiffness and joint pain. I was not evenable to perform my day to day work. After taking the treatment through acupuncture sujok, its marvellour, Now i am running like anything. Dr. kapur could easily give us positive results particularly in pain and swelling after the disease.
    thanks to him.


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