Serum creatinine
Measuring its a simple test and it is the most commonly used indicator about renal functioning.
A rise in blood creatinine level is observed only with marked damage to the functioning of nephrons. Therefore, this test is not suitable for detecting early stages of kidney disease. A better estimation of kidney function is given by the creatine clearance (CrCl) test. Creatinine clearance can be accurately calculated using serum creatinine concentration and some or all the following variables: sex, age, weight, and race, as suggested by the American Diabetes Association without a 24-hour urine collection.
A recent Japanese study suggests that a lower-serum creatinine level is associated with an increased risk for the development of type II diabetes in Japanese men.
In either the cases renal or diabetes, acupuncture Onnuri SuJok works effectively. As its energy concept work even in core deepest area. Through natural modalities, one may opt to chew every meal through the right jaw that too very gradually and pass the pee after every meal. It will certainly help in both the conditions.
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One thought on “Creatinine

  1. My wife Shail Prasad, aged 59 years, was diagnosed with CKD V stage kidney problems and was advised to go for Dialysis immediately. Her Creatinine on 17th August, 2011 was 8.93 with the symptoms such as in the swelling all over the body, difficult movements, fatigueness, nausea, etc., as we were not ready to opt for dialysis, when we started Acupuncture by Dr Dinesh Kapur. Her Creatinine which was going up by 1 point in each 10 days has stabilised and on September 23 and besides this it has reduced to 7.93, besides there is hardly swelling in the body and appetite has improved a lot.
    We wish to continue this treatment further to have effective remedy. The most important is the food advise given by Dr Dinesh Kapur on daily basis which might be helping as well, in recovering the condition. Thanks to doctor Dinesh Kapur for his valuable inputs on the subject.
    – L N Prasad


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