Body fluids

Body fluid is formed from the food and drink after its digestion and absorption by the organs Spleen and Stomach.  The distribution and excretion of the body fluid mainly rely on the spleens function of transportation, the lungs function of dispersing and descending and regulating water passages, and the kidney’s function of controlling urination and separating the clear and the turbid. Of the three organs, the kidney is the most important for this purpose, 
after food enters the stomach, and the vital energy of food essence and water is transmitted to the spleen, which spreads it to the lung.  Then, the lung regulates the water passages and transmits the energy of water to the bladder below.  The vital energy of water then spreads in four directions and travels along the meridians pathways.  In addition, fluids sent downwards from the stomach continue to be absorbed by the small and large intestines.  A part of the fluid, after passing through the spleen, lung and sanjiao is excreted from the skin and hair as sweat.  Another part of the fluid is sent downwards to the bladder via the waterways of the sanjiao, and excreted from the body as urine, with the assistance of the vital energy of the kidney and bladder.  When the body fluid reaches the skin and hair on the exterior and penetrates in the interior, thus nourishing all the tissues and organs throughout the body.
The formation, distribution and excretion of the body fluid are a process resulting from the coördinated activities of the lung, spleen, and kidney. Any pathological changes in these organs may so affect the formation, distribution and excretion of body fluid.  If there is insufficient formation or excessive loss, means the body fluids may be damaged or consumed.  A disturbance in distribution of body fluid may lead to its accumulation, resulting in retained fluid and edema or the formation of phlegm.  If body fluids invade by the heart by retained water produces palpitations, retention of fluids in lung results in cough with asthmatic breathing, and dryness of the intestines leads to constipation.
In common, body fluids includes; urine, vomit, vaginal secretion, tears, sweat, semen’s, sebum, saliva, mucus, gastric juice, cerebrospinal fluid, breast milk, bile.
BUT, Acupuncture Onnuri SuJok itself is such a powerful tool through which one can overcome the problems related to body fluids in an exceptionally effective way.  One must opt for the treatment concept through this to have positive effectiveness.  The beauty of the acupuncture is that each treatment is catered to the needs of an individual.  Acupuncture’s energy concept on the palm will be chosen for the overall well-being with the aim of increasing circulation of the blood and vital energy.  Even, some may see the results within few sessions of acupuncture.
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3 thoughts on “Body fluids

  1. Respected Sir,
    My name is Srinivas and last week my 3 year old baby boy has been diagnosed with ‘Metachromatic Leukodystrophy’ which is genetic disorder that affects nerves, muscles, other organs, and behavior.
    I am from hyderabad and doctor here says that there is no specific cure for this disease and is in experimental stage. Stem Cell Transplantation done for few earlier patients have failed.
    Can Onnuri Medicine ‘SUJOK’ or any other treatment help my child ?
    Waiting for your response? Thanking you,


  2. Thanks a lot! Its a great thing to know about fever and cold. and that is really true because that is what happened to a certain friend of mine


  3. Dr .Dinesh Kapoor’s treatment was a life changing experience for me.
    Sujok is a wonderful therapy and helps cure many problems both which are deep rooted and otherwise.Dr. Dinesh performas this treatment wonderfully and delicately without making you feel that he is a doctor.
    I was extermely satisfied with his treatment as it worked wonders for my nasal problem and fatigue problem.He brought a new energy in my life which gave me a boost to perform my daily work in a much more efficient way.
    I would like to thank Dr. Dinesh from my heart !


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