Inflammation on lining membrane of the stomach that may be acute or chronic; acute gastritis may occur because of irritation of the stomach lining by alcohol or certain drugs (particularly non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs), poisons or food poisoning.
Symptoms may include upper abdominal bloating, pain, nausea and vomiting. Sometimes, there may be flecks of blood in the vomit. A viral infection of the stomach  ‘epidemic acute gastritis or gastric flu’ causes similar symptoms as well as chills, fever and diarrhea. Pain could be at tip of the stomach, bitter taste when belching, when serious gastritis vomit or pass motion with dark blood. The excess of coldness energy is indicated by attacks of intense gastric pains during which patient feels to be dying, also by feeling of paleness and cold sweating. Stomach may be hyperacid erosive gastritis, intensifying on an empty stomach and early in the morning, eructation, and heartburn after eating sour food. Eliminating any possible cause of acute gastritis of this type, plus rest and a light diet usually leads to recovery.
Other types of gastritis include the followings:
Acute stress gastritis is a much more serious condition that can develop rapidly when a person is severely stressed physically for example when suffering from extensive burns or injury, head injury or organ failure. At first multiple superficial ulcers of the stomach lining develop with nausea and indigestion that the patient may be too ill to complain of. Over a few days the ulcers may penetrate deeper layers of the stomach wall, and can lead to torrential bleeding and shock.
Chronic erosive gastritis is characterised by persistent or recurring multiple ulcers, superficial or deeper, of the stomach lining, causing vague indigestion or gnawing upper abdominal pain similar to that of peptic ulcer disease. The condition may be the result of chronic use of aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, chronic alcoholism, Crohn’s disease or some viral infections or there may be no apparent cause. Diagnosis is by gastroscopy.
Chronic non-erosive gastritis is generalized inflammation of the stomach lining, believed to be due to excessive growth of the organism. This condition generally causes vague indigestion and may increase susceptibility to peptic ulcer disease of the stomach. It is more common over the age.
ACUPUNCTURE Onnuri SuJok provides excellent treatment for acute or chronic gastritis pain. It reduces inflammation and increase blood circulation. One may easily eliminate the gastritis through the energy concept of Onnuri SuJok. The beauty of the Onnuri SuJok is that it caters to the needs of an individual patient each treatment. Its energy treatment is only on the hand/ or foot chosen for overall well being with the objective of increasing circulation of the blood and vital energy.
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3 thoughts on “Gastritis

  1. Initially, I had itching of the vagina and anus in September. Towards the end of October I felt itching in different parts of the body. I took allopathy treatment for 3 days. Then I switched to Ayurveda. was getting joint pains. Then doctor did the vamana and virechanam panchakarma. I felt little better but the white discharge had’nt stopped. Actually the white discharge was very less in the beginning. Only in November there was discharge.Before going to Ayurveda I also went for a few acupuncture treatments. Even after that I started Acupuncture treatment. For the past 3 days I am takng sujok treatment. The white discharge has consderably reduced now after sujok. Yesterday, I found a red coloured small bump on my head which is very painful. My head is aching now and my eyes are also itching and it is very irritating. When I started Ayurveda treatment I had acid reflux and abdominal pain with bloating and distention. My tongue was coated white. After panchakarma it became ok. Now agan it is white. Usually I am constipated by nature, I was asked to do Diabetes test. I was found to be pre-diabetic. After Ayurveda treatment,the levels were normal. Pap smear and throat swab tests were negative wth no infecton.


  2. Dear Sir,
    please show the marker point on screen for Gastritis.
    Thanks, Your Regards
    P A Mehta


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