Do you have these common symptoms of Diabetes?
•Thirst and hunger apparently increased.
•Frequent urination.
•Signs of dehydration such as dry mouth.
•Severe fatigue.
•There is visible weight gain or weight loss.
•An infection that frequently recurs may be of the skin, bladder, or gums.
•Blurred vision.
•Any cuts or bruises that slow to heal.
•There is a feeling of numbness in the hands or feet.
Certain symptoms suggest a serious cause of tingling and numbness that requires prompt attention.
Have you noticed any of the following?
-Inability to move one side of the face.
-Difficult talking or making you understood.
-Difficult walking.
-Difficult thinking.
Please also Note: It’s also common to have NO SYMPTOMS with either diabetes or pre-diabetes.
But acupuncture SuJok Onnuri that is traditionally accomplished through insertion of very fine needles at the correspondence points, located along the meridians pathways along which Qi travels, connecting the surface of the body energetically with the internal organs in the miniature form of hands or feet, or stimulation by any means thereby produces a polarity or electrical gradient, facilitating electromagnetic conduction, or movement of Qi. This way one may get positive results even if the value shows exorbitant figures. There seems to be little sensitivity to the insertion of acupuncture needles. Occasionally, there is a moment of discomfort as the needle penetrates the skin, but once the needles are in place, most people relax and even fall asleep for the duration of the treatment. Study of Acupuncture suggested that treating such problems with acupuncture has a positive and holistic effect.
The concept of SuJok Onnuri itself is enough powerful to give positive results not only in diabetes but also to other related symptoms.  The pancreas insulin dependent means organs no working, towards Darkness, and according to energy fundamental concept no function means Neuto! One can open it by tonifying Hotness energy in dryness of spleen.
To your wellbeing, smile life. Enjoy!
Smile notion ~ onnurimedicine.me Dr.Dinesh kapur


3 thoughts on “Diabetes

  1. Respected doctor, my son is 7 years of old and from 3n 1/2 years he is suffering frm diabetes…n can he b cure wid the help of accupuncture…he takes insulin ….called human mixtard….daily 14 units….can the insulin b dropped ….and can he b taken to tablets …..can u sugest me.


  2. Acupuncture is very-2 effective to cure diabetes, this i can say on the basis of my personnel experience. During May 2009 diabetes detected in me having F/PP values as 379/476 respectively and I started this treatment by Dr.Dinesh Kapur on 17.05.09 & my disease started disappearing slowly. On 11.08.09 I got my blood sugar tested & F/PP values were 89/100.Thus my blood sugar completely under control in just 3 months & I get rid of my disease in such a small period of time & this is amazing that it happens without having any allopathic tablets.
BESIDES, During May 2009 I got tested for reduce in weight. The test results were B.Sugar F 379 PP 476, Triglycerides 988, Total Cholesterol 198 VLDL 200 HDL 32 & I consulted with Dr Dinesh Kapur & started my treatment for all these diseases.Now with this treatment Im able to regain my weight & my B.Sugar results were F 142, PP 148 Triglycerides 138 ,Total Cholesterol 44, VLDL 44 HDL 43 & I didnt take any Tablet for lowering this.Im extremely thankful to Dr Dinesh Kapur to guide me properly.

    Neeraj Jain


  3. I have been a beneficiary of Dr. Dinesh Kapur’s expertise in Korean Palm Therapy (KPT) which he practices with ease and dedication. Many of my chronic diseases, like blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetics etc., have been fully cured by him. Initially, I was not much impressed about the KPT and wondered as to how cure of such diseases can be achieved by putting some needles on the palm. I have been told that there are certain way of energy points on our hands, which are directly connected to various internal organs of our body. These acupuncture points may be stimulated by using needles, magnets, seeds or even with colors etc., which, in turn, can correct the physiological functions of the entire body. Dr. Dinesh has made wonders in curing several ailments through his novel method of acupuncture.
    Recently, one of my friends was suffering from erectile dysfunction (also known as impotence). He is in his mid forties and re-married recently, after his first wife had expired. He could not perform sexual intercourse without Sildenafil Citrate (Viagra) which was prescribed by Doctors.. Since he was suffering from the adverse side effects of the continuous use of this drug, he was referred to Dr. Dinesh, who had agreed to cure him.
    He was treated by Dr. Dinesh for six weeks and surprisingly, his sexual ability had improved . After that, he discontinued use of Sildenafil. Then the treatment continued for another six weeks, thus, within 3 months he was completely benefited of his problem of erectile dysfunction. Now he is able to perform sexual activity without use of any drug.
    This has prompted me to study more about the treatment. Acupressure/acupuncture helps resolve erectile dysfunction by balancing the autonomic nervous system, which governs, heart rate, respiration and digestion. This system can also cause a decrease in libido and erectile dysfunction if it becomes imbalanced. In his book “Essentials of Chinese Medicine”, Zhanwen Liu of Beijing University states the erectile dysfunction indicates that your Kidney qi (vital energy) is depleted. Normally our body draws qi from the environment and transfer it to the Kidneys ,which converts the energy so that the rest of our internal organs can use it. Chinese believe that for men, ejaculation constitutes a loss of Kidney qi…… So, forcing an erection through the use of anti-impotence drugs can further dissipate Kidney qi and make erectile dysfunction worse over time.
    There may be disagreement on the causes of erectile dysfunction and its cure. But I recommend all those who have problems of erectile dysfunction to undergo the safe and quick method of acupressure/acupuncture, which may be beneficial in the long run……
    krishna, 9891095346


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