When a person is having a habit of talking not much or less or hardly utters a word or if utters, in a way too quietly, calmly or even hardly heard, husky, groan, or short moan, such person is having emotions of fear and fright, that person seems to be in excessive fear factor emotions, even on trifling matters or things which have nothing to do.
BUT, at the same time, such person is having reasoning of wisdom power! Such person is likely to involve directly or indirectly problems related to organs kidney and urinary bladder.  In that cases everything becomes still and contraction power of the organs is largest.  The flows of fluids stops completely or gradually slow. Everything seems to be hard or cold as it belongs to the dominant coldness energy.
Such person moves from one place to another all the time, as s/he cannot stick to the one place because of wisdom power that is on the extreme.
If a person is having such energy it is quite difficult to contact or interact with stranger.
Symptoms may also appear that whole body or a part of it feels cold, symptoms fluids to congeal in body, which further causes extreme pain. As there is coldness in body means invited to darkness energy, resulting paralysis, necrosis and all the systems of the body are visible like bones, always reach to the bone. There is a possibility of grey hair, thin hair, fall of hair excessive or urination could be excess, or in less quantity as it should be or in uncontrollable conditions. In totality: adrenal glands may give better results! 
There is no second thought as well as no words how to thank Prof Park who is the originator for the wonderful method of Onnuri SuJok therapy, which I have learnt to love forever! The concept stands as an efficient method of non-medicaments treatment. The approach has the capacity to aid health disorders at a variety of levels including emotional, psychological or physiological energy disorders.
smile notion; Dr.Dinesh kapur
To your wellbeing, smile life!


smile, as sharing is caring! Enjoy.

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