Cough Whooping

COUGH WHOOPING, also called pertussis, is very contagious disease characterised by paroxysms of coughing that usually end in a prolonged, high-pitched, crowing intake of breath – the whoop. coughIt is also called pertussis, which is caused by the bacterium Bordet Ella pertussis, which invades the lining of the upper airways and the large and small bronchi passage that carry air from the trachea – the windpipe-into the lungs, causing inflammation and increased secretion. The infection is acquired by inhaling airborne droplets coughed up by an infected person, a highly contagious disease of the respiratory system. Basically, all ages may be affected.
Early symptoms those of the common colds, sneezing, running nose-eyes and listlessness, even fever could also possible. Night cough develops after several days and the characteristic paroxysms and whoop are frequent, day and night. Vomiting due to gagging on sticky sputum often follows coughing spasms, causing the patient to lose fluid, weight, and the sleep. Victims have trouble breathing, due to an increase of mucus in the nose and throat. Conjunctivitis sets in, and has no appetite. Convalescence usually begins within 4 weeks; the paroxysms become less frequent and severe, vomiting decreases. Victims often vomit thick globus of mucus following these coughing spells. The attacks can lead to inadequate oxygen circulation, which can cause convulsions. Whooping cough is a serious disease in children under four. Complications include pneumonia, lung collapse, middle ear infection, hernia (from forceful coughing) and bronchiectasis. Dangerous complications in infants include convulsions; choking on thick mucus, bleeding into the brain, eyes, skin and other tissues and Encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) leading to spastic paralysis of muscles, mental retardation and other nervous system disorders.
Whooping cough can be prevented by immunization or if immunity to be strong enough. But while having treatment through Acupuncture Onnuri SuJok energy system; it’s an invasion of Lung meridian by the pathogenic Heat; irritable, thirst, scanty brown urine indicates that the body fluids have damaged by the internal Heat. There is definitely a CURE effect of cough by tackling dominant energy of lung that is dryness. The course of treatment is undoubtedly uneventful. As lifestyle habits makes a lot of difference. One must have to change the same if to opt for cure effect of whooping cough.
Smile notion; ‘Dr.Dinesh kapur’
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2 thoughts on “Cough Whooping

  1. smile, vaccinated concept is according to conventional therapy. As Onnuri SuJok is based on energy, you may follow according to the write-up, plus to strengthen the immunity, may put color. Or may specify with symptoms enabling to diagnose in precise way.


  2. Smile a while and while you smile, another smiles. And soon there’s miles and miles of smiles because you smiled.. Now I need to ask a question. Having been vaccinated as a baby for pertussis, then having full blown Whooping Cough at aged 12, is there any likely- hood of contracting this disease in later life? Just to be certain I have had a booster as this disease is raring its’ ugly head in Australia again in large proportions including the adult population


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