A recurrent disorder of brain function characterised by sudden brief attacks of altered consciousness, abnormal electrical activity and or sensations, seizures or inappropriate behavior. Epilepsy is classified according to the type of seizure that usually occurs. Besides the typical seizures, there may be variations. It can be a momentary loss of attention or consciousness with eyes staring directly forward or prolonged loss of consciousness associated with convulsions and foam on the lips. It may occur at any time, in various frequencies and with different severity. It is often preceded by an aura of dizziness, depression sensation of the chest, and listlessness, vegetative skin reactions. Basically, epilepsy is an excess condition, but frequent recurrence can lower the body resistance.
During seizure – Main manifestations:
A typical seizure is preceded by dizziness, headache and suffocating sensation in the chest and immediately followed by falling down with loss of consciousness, pallor, clenched jaws, upward staring of the eyes, convulsion, foam on the lips, screaming as pigs or sheep and even incontinence of urine and feces. Gradually, the patient regains consciousness, and the symptoms disappear. Apart from fatigue and weakness, the patient can live a normal life. White sticky tongue coating and string taut, rolling pulse.
Dizziness, headache and suffocated sensation in the chest are the prodromal symptoms that show the up perversion of the wind phlegm. The liver wind stirs up with the phlegm to disturb the mind. Therefore, there is loss of consciousness, convulsions and upward staring of the eyes. The foam on the lips is owing to the ascending wind phlegm. White, sticky tongue coating and rolling pulse are the signs of retaking of the phlegm. Since the wind phlegm is irregularly accumulated and dispersed the seizures are paroxysmal and the patient behaves as normal after the seizure.
After seizure – Main manifestations:
Some of the symptoms may be of listlessness, lusterless complexion, dizziness, palpitation, anorexia, profuse sputum, weakness and soreness of the lions and limbs, pale tongue with white coating and thread, rolling pulse.
Listlessness is due to damage of the vital energy by frequent epileptic fits. With insufficiency of blood, the complexion is lusterless. There is dizziness if the brain lacks blood supply, and palpitation if the heart is poorly supplied with blood. Due to the depression of the spleen yang, the food cannot be transformed into essence and dampness and phlegm are produced, so there is anorexia and profuse sputum. Deficiency of the kidney essence causes soreness and weakness of the loins and limbs. Pale tongue with white coating and thread, rolling pulse suggest consumption of energy and blood and accumulation of phlegm dampness.
Onnuri SuJok acupuncture, a totally new and unique approach of the system of correspondence on Arm and Leg with two main advantages, one is natural stimulation without instrument and equipment and second is availability of detailed correspondence system for brain and head. This new system is very easy to understand and apply, giving very right and fast results. The method is amazingly simple to learn and to treat diseases of various origin and pathology successfully. An important aspect of SuJok therapy is that it allows taking into account an individual characteristic of the patient manifested in own energy constitution. This brings about an effective action on the very origin of disease. Besides, there are practically no contradictions for use of Onnuri SuJok therapy. It has been shown to promote the health and improve the body’s immune function, also helped many people who were not successfully treated through conventional western medicine. Several conditions can be dramatically improved or remedied in full including epileptic disorders, meanwhile may put colors to aid in syndrome.
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14 thoughts on “Epilepsy

  1. Hello Sir, Thanks for your reply.
    Please find the details of my daughter illness below and the reports pics attached.
    My daughter was born absolutely fine. When she was 2.5 months old we went for her vaccination and doctor found out that her head size has not improved and she is not responding as a 2.5 month old should respond. After that there was no end, we went to neurologists and found out that she is a case of microcephally. Her MRI, VEP and EEG was done. Reports are attached with this mail. After that her infant stimulation and physiotherapy was regularly done. We could not see much improvement in past 5 years, she is not able to sit, crawl, swallow, chew, stand, walk, speak.
    She eats by gulping the mashed food. In between she had episode of seizures in Jan 2013 and was put on anti convulsion (Eptoin 50mcg) since then, after that no seizure episode. Her MRI and EEG was repeated in Jan 2013, reports are attached. In Jan 2015 we tried to find out the reason behind her this problem and got her genetic study done. Study revealed that she is suffering from genetic problem which is foxg1 syndrome, report for the same is also attached.
    She is also suffering from Grade 1 reflux in urinary tract, because of which she used to suffer from repeated UTIs when she was 1 year old. She was put on prophylaxis Sporidex.
    So as of now she is on following medicine:
    Eptoin- 50mcg
    Carnisure- 5ml
    Liofen- 10mg in morning and 5mg in afternoon
    Sporidex 250- 3.5ml
    I want to mention i thing more, i have got her magnet treatment done. I will also attach the pic where i used to apply the magnets. Somehow i could not find the results.
    Please help me because i want my daughter to at least reach a stage where she can perform her daily chores herself.
    Her pic is also attached.
    Please let me know what is the fees and how it is to be paid.
    Thanking you, Anuradha


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  5. Dear Dr. Dinesh Kapur
    This is in continuation to my previous messages and mail. They are logged here http://onnurimedicine.me/2013/02/22/epilepsy/
    In the last eight months, I have taken the help of the books by Dr Park Jae woo. I found few things for controlling seizures in the book “su jok in emergency”.
    1. Massaging the fingers with su jok ring
    2. Stimulating the points on the tips of all fingers.
    3. Moxibustion of the energy points.
    Then in November end, I started massaging the fingers with the su jok ring on my daughters hand. I started rolling up and down 5-6 times and slowly increased to 10 times, twice a day. After few days she started liking it so I increased up to 50 times in each finger a day. Slowly I could see that her sleep seizures stopped and she started to sleep better. Then I also included stimulating the tips of all her fingers in the routine and she was totally seizure free for two months. I have been doing this on her hands for more than 3 months now, twice a day, everyday. I also stimulate her kidneys (on the back of her palms) at the end for about 2 minutes everyday.
    The only thing I don’t do is moxibustion of the energy points but I do color it red.
    On February 18th, she suddenly had a breakthrough seizure and her seizures are on again. She is having one or two daytime seizures a week and sleep seizures almost everyday. Her neurologist says it is a pattern and since she had a seizure after a long time, she will be unstable for a while now. We did not change much of her medicines except frisium at sleep time.
    Please let me know if I can do anything more to help her control her seizures.
    Thank you and best regards,
    Mrs.Parul Vipparthi


  6. I’d like to thank you for the efforts you have put in penning this blog.
    I’m hoping to view the same high-grade content from you later on as well.
    In truth, your creative writing abilities has encouraged me too.


  7. Yes Dr.Dinesh, I completely agree with you. I have not started applying treatment on my daughter for epilepsy or brain tubers. I am still reading the book “Sujok for everybody” by Prof.Park Jae woo. I do understand the basic things like how the hand and feet can be mapped to parts of the body. I have started stimulating points on the thumb which reflects the eyes area, on my daughter. I would definitely equip myself with enough knowledge before starting treatment on my daughter. I am not a medical student but a post graduate in statistics and i do understand “sujok for everybody” very well. Please let me know if I am not in a right direction.

    Thank you and best regards


  8. Hope, you understand the concept. Before applying make sure to understand it properly. In any case if you find there is no improvement or changes either inform me or stop applying for time being. If you feel there is something adverse effect then you need to understand the concept in person.


  9. Hello Dr. Dinesh

    I messaged you on Facebook few days back.

    I have a seven year old daughter, with a brain disorder called “Tuberous Sclerosis”. She was diagnosed when she started having infantile spasms when she was 4 months. After diagnosis, she was put on a medicine called sabril and it stopped her infantile spasms for 11 months. Later, at about 11/2 yrs, she developed drop seizures which are never completely controlled. We try combinations of medicines for a couple of months and change whenever her seizures get worse. In the last two years she had many tonic clonic seizures and head drops almost everyday. Her seizures last anywhere between 30 secs to 25 minutes. When her seizures are too long and if we see no sign of reduction in intensity, then we put her on a rescue medicine called midazolam spray. It stops her jerks and puts her to sleep within minutes but she stays inactive and dull for many days after long seizures.

    Our neurologist prescribed another new medicine called frisium 2 months back. Her seizures reduced within a week and stopped for sometime. But again she started seizing since past couple of days. She gets drop jerks just before sleep in the afternoons and night for 2 to 5 minutes and then she sleeps.

    Medically, she goes through EEG, MRI, blood work, ECG, kidney scans and eye examinations every year. She has tubers in her brain which cannot be surgically removed for next few years as per Dr. Radhakrishnan of Sree chitra institute, Kerala. All her blood tests and kidney is normal and she has heart tubers which are reducing naturally with her development.

    Currently she is on these medicines Valparin 25 ml/day, frisium 15mg/day, keppra 750mg/day.

    We also have done homeopathy for a year with Dr.Oswal of Pune in 2012. but it did not work on her epilepsy. Homeopathy has worked on her development, specially in improving her cognitive Skills.
    Right now she is at 4 yrs cognitively and at 3 yrs in speech.

    I have gone through sujok therapy with a local doctor 5 months back to treat my sciatic pains and developed interest in this kind of treatment because my pains disappeared after about 2 months of treatment. She used to treat me with color, seeds and needles so I do have an idea of how to find a tender point and stimulate it with seeds. But I have no idea on what colors to use and how they work. I have also read couple of your articles on Internet on improving eye sight and started doing on myself 2 days back.

    I have read at many places about sujok therapy might work on extreme health issues. Does it help with brain tubers and reducing seizures?

    Please advice me on how to help my daughter.

    Thank u and best regards
    Mrs.Parul Vipparthi


  10. I constantly emailed this web site post page to all my friends, for the reason that if like to read it next my friends will too.


  11. Extremely effective for all major problems like Epilepsy and even birth disorders like Cerebral Palsy. Helps in reducing number of seizures. Cure for minor problems like constipation, stomach bloating, piles, Asthma and even Thyroid.
    Extremely thanks to doctor Dinesh Kapur for his in depth knowledge.


  12. A reference to the treatment effect of acupuncture sujok through Dr.Dinesh Kapur, on herzes zoster, herpatic neuralgia for which my father was having for the last more than six months. He was not in a position to bear the piercing pain and inflamation on his left head, cornea resulting vision difficult. But no relief through medicine. As soon as we started taking treatment through Dr. dinesh, he satrtted feeling much comfortable from the first day of treatment itself. We are obliged to doctor for this act.


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