Natural healing

A novel concept of ENERGY treatment through the branch and LEAF of a plant is highly effective, non-invasive, simple and at the same time Total Effectiveness way of treatment irrespective of gravity of the disease.
The problem may be of from normal cold, headache to chronic pain syndrome, may be of spinal <coccyx to cervical-medulla>, joints <knee, elbow, shoulder> or any other part of the body.
Or even organ problem!
May easily be overcome, having relief from the pain syndrome viewing from the first application of the treatment.
Call for small workshop viewing how effective is ENERGY concept through natural way of healing.
Believe it, no positive results, nothing to shell out but at the same time, no side effects as treatment concept is through the natural healing process only LEAF!  The concept itself ~ is unique and unparalleled in the world, with no drugs.

write; ‘Dr.Dinesh kapur’
To your wellbeing, smile life! Enjoy.



5 thoughts on “Natural healing

  1. Hello Sir,
    Hope you are dong well!
    I got your email id from your website and would like to get your views/suggestions on my brother’s case. Request you to please go through the same and looking forward for some valuable guidance from your side as in if his injury can be cured with Acupuncture / Sujok.
    My brother reported problem in walking on 25/26 Aug’13 which increases gradually and then he could not even walk up the stair (after about 2 weeks time) and reported numbness in the legs (L>R). After the MRI (done on 12 Sept’13) we got to know that he is suffering from the Spinal problem. His D5-6 Disc has displaced from its position causing severe cord compression and cord thinning. The MRI report and the Scan images are attached with the email.
    We consulted couple of Doctors and all of them recommended immediate surgery to remove the compression.
    On 15 Sept’13, we took him to one of the hospitals in New Delhi and he was admitted over there. There, the Head of Spine Services said that considering his age and current condition there is a chance that he could recover and may not need surgery and was given the option to wait for 6/7 weeks and he was given steroids (2 days) and medicines for 11 days with strict bed rest and was discharge on 25 Sept’13.
    Currently, he is on bed rest (for over 2 weeks now) at home with bedside physiotherapy and medication as prescribed by the doctor. His condition has neither deteriorated nor there is any significant improvement in the past 2 weeks.
    If we go with the bedside option then is it okay to go with the Acupuncture therapy along with the bedside physiotherapy of muscles charting ?
    Patient History:
    Age- 34 years, Job – Sitting, Past Medical history – No, Bladder – Control, Bowl – Control, Both Hands – Proper movement, Left Leg – Less movement, Right Leg – Proper movement (> Left), Back Pain – No, Pain in Legs – No.
    Encl: MRI Report and the Images.
    Thanks, Ashish


  2. My brother is 34 yr old. I really need your help. I read and come to know many things about Sujok therapy and it giving miracle result, and for that i need a help.
    In August 2013, he met an accident and have spinal cord injury (D5-6). D5-6 disc has displaced causing severe cord compression and cord thinning. Almost all the doctors have recommended immediate surgery except one reputed and experienced spine surgeon in New Delhi.
    On the doctor’s advice, currently he is on bedrest with bedside physiotherapy and medication.
    I want to know if his injury can be cure with sujok and if yes then please tell me how can this be done. He is on strict bed rest for 6/7 weeks.


  3. Wow… this is one of the more, I am not even certain what to call it, interesting articles I have read.


  4. I would like to have more info about it please, I do not live in India and its really interesting. Thank you very much


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