Creatinine is a chemical waste molecule that is generated in blood or created by normal breakdown from the muscle metabolism, a molecule of major importance for energy production in muscles. The process of filtration of creatinine done by the kidney’s out of blood and put it in urine to leave from the body. Average 2% of the body’s creatine converted to creatinine every day and transported through the bloodstream to the kidneys. However, in cases of severe renal dysfunction, the creatinine clearance rate will be “overestimated” because the active secretion of creatinine will account for a larger fraction of the total creatinine cleared. A more complete estimation of renal function can be made when interpreting the blood (plasma) concentration of creatinine along with that of urea.
BUN-to-creatinine ratio (the ratio of urea to creatinine) can show other problems besides those intrinsic to the kidney; a urea level raised out of proportion to the creatinine may show a pre-renal problem such as volume depletion. Normally, men tend to have higher levels of creatinine because they generally have more skeletal muscle mass than women. It has also been observed that vegetarians to have lower creatinine levels too.
When the kidneys become impaired for any reason, the creatinine level in the blood will rise due to poor clearance by the kidneys, means unable to filter it properly. Abnormally high levels of creatinine thus warn of possible malfunction or failure of the kidneys. It is for this reason that standard blood tests routinely check the amount of creatinine in the blood.
The liver is responsible for the urea and passed out-of-body through urine. High values BUN can mean kidney injury or disease is present. Kidney damage caused may be because of diabetes or high blood pressure that directly affects. High BUN levels can also be caused by blockage of the urinary tract (by kidney stone or tumor) or low blood flow to the kidneys caused by dehydration or heart failure.  Low values – A low BUN value is caused by a diet very low in protein, malnutrition, or severe liver damage. Drinking excessive amounts of liquid may cause dehydration and cause a low BUN value also taking diuretics, which can cause dehydration.
Early stages of kidney disease may not feel sick at all, first sign: one may be having feeling of tiredness or itchiness all over the body or frequent headaches.
If disease gets worsen, need to urinate more often or less often.
May lose your appetite, experience nausea and vomiting.
Swelling of hands or feet or may feel numb.
May get feeling of drowsiness or having trouble in concentrating.
Skin may darken and have muscle cramps.
Some people may have an incidental finding of severe kidney disease and higher creatinine on routine blood work without having any symptoms at all. In others, depending on the cause of problem, many symptoms may be present including: feeling dehydrated, fatigue, shortness of breath, confusion, or many other nonspecific symptoms.
Acupuncture ‘Onnuri SuJok’, itself is a powerful medicine, which aids in strengthening the immune system and serves to prevent diseases, control pain and enhance both the ability and quality to act the lives. It has been shown to promote the health of many people who were not successfully treated through conventional western medicine.  The beauty of the concept is that each treatment is catered to the needs of an individual patient. Its energy concept works effectively on the miniature form of hands and foot of the body. Yes, to step-in for sprouting the results may put color with marker pens. In any case if it does not work, no side effects as it penetrate only 1mm micro needle that too only on hands!

write; ‘Dr.Dinesh kapur’
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One thought on “Creatinine

  1. I am having dialysis twice a weak as chronic kidney disease since June’ 2009 with the pathological details such as parathyroid 1336 (ref range 15-65), alkaline phosphate 395 (ref range 50-136), urea 109.7, potassium 6.0, phosphorous 6.67; with the result unable to lead daily routine life, even to leave the job. There is no doubt to spent hefty amount on treatments in conventional medicine but of no improvements. Recently, I started taking treatment through Dr.Dinesh Kapur, consultant in acupuncture SuJok. I found such improvements like relief in legs sprain and pain, stomach up-set, headache, heaviness in thigh and legs now much comfortable, feels energetic hence ready to move, even after having dialysis no stomach ache, feels much better. Besides improvement in appetite and body’s strength which itself is a good sign.
    In my opinion, after eating and drinking water, my weight does not increase in the same proportions, which it gets worst before taking treatment. Now even my mind and body feels more positive. Thanks to doctor Dinesh, for his in-depth knowledge.
    Regards, Abhijeet


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