Feet ~ hairless

Feet ~ hairless
It means when there is less or hairless feet or toes, which indicates poor circulation of blood flow. An indication usually caused by vascular disease, as it can make hair disappears from the feet.
Prognosis ~
^ When the heart unable its capacity or loses its functioning properly to pump enough blood to the extremities normally happens because of arteriosclerosis, also knows as hardening of the arteries, as the body has to rank its use.
^ There is other way possibility to find it out the reduced blood supply that makes it hard to feel even a pulse in the feet. One could easily find it out near the top of the foot or the inside of the ankle as difficult to find the pulse. According to pulse diagnosis at the ankle, the pulse of Earth (Homo). Each part of the body has certain points where the pulse of each level may be palpated.cardio
^ Another way, when the persons sits in a posture crossed leg for a while and stands, the feet may be bright red or dusky; and when raised, they immediately became pale.
^ Inflammation, swelling may see near the toe as poor circulation increases the uric acid, a type of gout arthritis.
^ The skin appears to be shiny!
^ Foot cramps, which often caused by electrolyte imbalance, potassium deficiency, another signs to see it.
^ People with poor blood circulation tends to already know they have a cardiovascular condition, such as heart disease or a carotid artery problem yet may not be able to realize that they have poor circulation trouble.
Of course, hairy toes are, well, low on the totem pole. Though toe hair seldom returns, but treating the underlying vascular issues, one could find the improvements in circulation!
Complementary medicine is based on the belief that a medical care provider has to treat the ~  Body. Emotions. Neuro. Its intervention is to enhance the total wellbeing of a person. In energy channels of Onnuri SuJok acupuncture, it is in circulation process!
An effort to put color marking with marker pen and precisely giving more effect better to stick any pulse size seed to support it with hypoallergenic paper tape, so that it may give pulsating effects of pull-push.

write; http://onnurimedicine.me ‘Dr.Dinesh kapur’
To your wellbeing, smile life! Enjoy.


One thought on “Feet ~ hairless

  1. Dr its possible to change the colours of the letters in your blog, because its difficult to read . About the circulation its exactly my problem, sometimes during the cold days I can not feel the feet because they seems to be absolute frozen. I take a banana daily to supply potassium but seems not be enough. I would like if you can elaborate more on this issue if its possible of course. Thank you very much for your post because they are a big help . Much gratitude


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