DIZZINESS, when interior retention of phlegm dampness

DIZZINESS, when interior retention of phlegm dampness
A sensation of light-headedness and unsteadiness is often caused by a decrease in blood supply to the brain, while vertigo is caused by disturbances in the inner ear and the balance centers of the brain. It is necessary to understand the specific symptoms a patient are experiencing to make the correct approach.
Interior retention of phlegm dampness:
In a person with generally abundant phlegm dampness, irregular food intake and overwork damage dizzithe stomach and the spleen, impairing their function in transportation and transformation and leading to production of dampness and phlegm. Then the stagnant phlegm and qi may impede the ascending clear yang and the descending of the turbid yin, and thus dizziness occurs.
Main manifestations;
Dizziness with a heavy feeling of the head and suffocating sensation in the chest, nausea, profuse, sputum, anorexia, somnolence, white, sticky tongue coating, soft, rolling pulse.
Dizziness with a heavy feeling of the head is the sign of the pure yang disturbed by phlegm dampness. Suffocating sensation in the chest and nausea are caused by qi obstructed in the middle Jiao. Anorexia and somnolence are due to the spleen yang deficiency. White sticky tongue coating soft and soiling pulse are the signs of phlegm dampness.
    Onnuri SuJok acupuncture therapy stands as a highly efficient method of non-medicaments’ treatment of such patients. The approach has the capacity to remedy health disorders at a variety of levels, including emotional, mental, at the somatic (intersystem) level, the afflicted system and cellular levels. The therapy will emerge useful both as a tactical therapeutic modality to relieve an exacerbated condition, and as a strategic treatment for dealing with first-order factors of the dizziness pathogenesis.
The therapy has proved to be in tune with the therapeutic methods advised by the International SuJok Acupuncture by the points corresponding to the ear, and by Six-ki as well as Triorigin energy therapy.

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