It’s not only an act of breathing but includes the transfer of oxygen from inhaled air to blood and thence to the tissues, and the transport of carbon dioxide from the tissues to the lungs. If we strop breathing for more than 4 or 5 minutes tissue cells begin to die, with those in the brain succumbing first. The energy that cells need are released when glucose is broken down using oxygen brought to them by capillaries. Carbon dioxide, the main waste product from energy production is carried away in veins that return the blood to the right side of the heart. From here blood is pumped to the lungs, where carbon dioxide is discharged and the blood is recharged with oxygen.
Cells need oxygen; need for adequate oxygen is safeguarded by the respiratory center, a small group of nerve cells is the brainstem that constantly assesses reports from body monitors. Specialized nerve cells in the aorta and the carotid arteries may signal that the level of carbon dioxide in the blood is too high, indicating that it is not being cleared efficiently. The respiratory center responds by sending out messages to the respiratory muscles to increase the breathing rate and depth. More air moving not out of the lungs carries away more carbon dioxide, and the balance of blood gases goes back towards normal. The respiratory center similarly processes reports on blood oxygen levels. We can do some conscious control over breathing, but only within safe limits.
Breathing muscles uses the intercostal (between the ribs) muscles and the diaphragm, a muscular dome separating the chest from the abdomen. Respiratory system helps breathing in-out process.
Lung tissues; bronchial within the lungs end in a cluster of microscopic air sacs, the alveoli, each surrounded by a capillary network. The distance between the alveolar air and capillary blood is only 0.004 mm, allowing gas to pass in and out early.
Gas exchange; blood flowing through capillaries around alveoli in the lungs is low in oxygen and high in carbon dioxide.  Oxygen diffuses into the capillaries from the air we breathe. At the same time carbon dioxide passes into the alveoli, to be breathed out.
The airways pleura; surrounding each lung are low layers of a membrane called the pleura, the outer layer lining the chest cavity and the inner layer attached to the lung surface.  Lungs give body tissues with Oxygen and to discharge carbon dioxide – metabolic product of internal chemical processes, inlet of major bronchi through which air comes from trachea to lungs.
Though acupuncture Onnuri SuJok itself is a powerful medicine that aids in strengthening the immune system, prevent diseases, control pain and increases both; the ability to function and the quality of lives. It has also helped many people who were not successfully treated through conventional western medicine.  Several conditions can be dramatically improved or remedied in full including Respiratory!  As undersigned is dedicated working on the different concepts of integrated system of alternative medicine, particularly, Onnuri SuJok’s energy concept, how it moves in the body and further interlinked with the environmental energies, to have more positive CURE effects on •BODY •EMOTIONS •NEURO!
According to process respiration, the main dominant energy is dryness that controls if on Yin side, its lungs meridians and if on Yang side, it is large intestine. One has to tackle this meridian for better effective results. It is quite possible even if of respiratory failure there is positive hope! TRUST and FAITH on the concept with smile!

write; ‘Dr.Dinesh kapur’
To your wellbeing, smile life! Enjoy.


8 thoughts on “Respiration

  1. Doctor, I have left side of the nose is completely blocked by polyps and right side is also highly affected, doctors from abudhabi recommended to have operation on both the sides to remove the polyps as soon as possible.
    Case history :
    I had this problem since more than 15 years and i already had operation 3 times till now. First was on 1995, Second 1999 and third was on 2007. It has no permanent results and polyps comes back within 3-6 months. I am taking a antiallergy injections once in every 3 months to reduce the allergy level and it makes my life little easier but have side effects like memory, eyes and hair. I do not want to go ahead with anymore surgery since there is no permanent solution. I believe that i have a allergic problem which causes all these because Doctor never told me that i have any problem with the bone inside the nose or extra meat.
    Breathing is also a problem when allergy level is high and it is normal after the antiallergic injections and symptoms of the allergy is nose block, running nose, lot of sneezing, water comes from the eyes, swelling on eye and nose parts. Please suggest SuJok remedy.


  2. Yes, you are right. Respiration or breathing is life. When you are breathing, you are alive. When you do not breath you are dead. There are various types of breathinG, shallow breathing, deep beathing and forced breathing in yogic exercises. One can control the breathing and the body functions can be regulated. When you are angry, one breathes in a different way. When one is excited, one’s breathing is different. So, it is possible to regulate the breath and thereby regulate the emotions. First step is to aware of our own breathing. Aware of the inhalation as the air takes in, follow it and reverse it.


  3. I have seen exceptionally effective results that too initiall two sitting of SuJok and thanks goes to Doctor and his energy concept of acupuncture.


  4. I (Ajay Kumar Singh) am under treatment with you through ACUPUNCTURE SUJOK concept for environtal allergy.I am satisfied with your treatment. There is no doubt about the efficacy of the concept and undoubtedly yours expertised approach to the concept for me.
    This is for your information.
    Ajay Kumar Singh


  5. Here i just want to share my experience on Dr. Dinesh’s knowledge and his command on the art of acupuncture. As mentioned above in his description asthama is becoming a common illness these days due to environmental changes taking place. My mother also suffered from the same disease three years back. Me and my father consulted many doctors but there was no improvement in my mother’s condition. We also contacted Patel Chest Institute Delhi which is known to be specialized for this disease. But unfortunately there was no change and my mother was admitted in ICU thrice in short span of one year. Finally by balaji’s grace we got Dr. Dinesh who cured my mother and now she is fine and enjoying her life as any normal human being. Speacial thanks to Dr. Dinesh.


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