DIABETES symptoms and infections

DIABETES symptoms and infections

Today, the world medical practices witness creates a unique trend and treatment of diseases that show serious and even phenomenal results from the beginning through the concept Onnuri SuJok. Onnuri SuJok A powerful tool that aids in strengthening immune system and increases the ability to act in more qualitative way. Clinical trials confirm where conventional DM1western medicine unable to succeed even in chronic conditions it works positively. Several conditions can be dramatically improved including DIABETES and ingrown infections. As energy may go up-to any extent even core levels, it is quite possible to get positive results irrespective of the insulin level. The concept is traditionally accomplished through insertion of very fine micro needles or even with seeds or color at certain energy gates in miniature form of hands or feet. The pancreas insulin dependent means organ stopped functioning, means towards Darkness condition, and according to energy fundamental concept no function means Neuto! One can open it by tonifying Hotness energy in dryness of spleen.
Followings are common symptoms ~
❒ Thirst and hunger apparently increased.
❒ Frequent urination.
❒ Signs of dehydration such as dry mouth.
❒ Severe fatigue.
❒ There is visible weight gain or weight loss.
❒ An infection that frequently recurs may be of the skin, bladder, or gums.
❒ Blurred vision.
❒ Any cuts or bruises that slow to heal.
❒ There is a feeling of numbness in the hands or feet.
Certain symptoms suggest a serious cause of tingling and numbness that requires prompt attention.

Have you noticed any of the following?
⤷ Inability to move one side of the face
⤷ Difficult talking or making you understood
⤷ Difficult walking
⤷ Difficult thinking
Please also Note: It’s also common to have NO SYMPTOMS with either diabetes or pre-diabetes.
A person is more susceptible to infections that may include:
☯ „Blurred vision
☯ „Boils, which are infections of the hair follicles
☯ „Carbuncles that are infections of the tissue immediately under the skin
☯ „Cough whooping that produces phlegm
☯ „Breathing difficult, or shortness of breath
☯ „Fever
☯ „Foot and leg infections, including diabetic foot ulcers, which are caused by poor circulation and nerve damage, known as diabetic neuropathy
☯ „Gum infections as gingivitis that may produce pain, swelling, and redness in the gum lining
☯ „Nail infections
☯ „Nausea and vomiting
☯ „Ringworm and athlete’s foot
☯ „Sty’s, which are infections of the eyelid
☯ „Urinary tract infections that may cause cloudy or bloody urine or painful urination
☯ „Night sweats
☯ „Skin rashes, coughing, or runny nose
☯ „Vaginal yeast infections in women and jock itch in men that may cause itching, vaginal discharge, or pain
☯ „Weakness
The causes of infections in a person with diabetes vary depending on the type of infection present.
The long-term effects of infection may be:
⤷ „Kidney damage from frequent infections, leading to end-stage renal disease
⤷ „Dental problems and gum disease, including gingivitis and periodontitis
⤷ „Permanent skin damage, as infections may cause hot, red, swollen, or inflamed tissues, especially where the skin is irritated or broken open
⤷ „Amputation for progressive infection of the feet or legs

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