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ANOXIA oxygen ox an- (without) + -ox- (oxygen) + -ia == the state of being without oxygen> a condition characterized by insufficient oxygen in the tissues . Oxygen is essential to human, animal and plant life.  The chemical symbol for the element oxygen is O. As a medicinal gas, oxygen contains not less than 99.0% by volume of O2 to body tissues or inability of the tissues to use the oxygen or sometimes used loosely as a synonym for hypoxia.  It is also called hypoxianormoxia and anoxia  [hyp- (below) + -ox- (oxygen) + -ia>, when the body or a region of the body is deprived of adequate oxygen supply].

Anoxic anoxia occurs when blood flowing through the lungs does not pick up enough oxygen.  This can happen when there is a reduced amount of oxygen in the air.  The blood also can fail to pick up enough oxygen because of defects in the lungs or because of obstruction of the air passages involved in breathing.  Rapid, deep breathing is a common symptom of anoxic anoxia.  The condition is often accompanied by cyanotic, a bluish coloration of the skin.  Severe cases may lead to loss of consciousness and even death. 

Anemic anoxia occurs when blood cannot carry its normal load of oxygen. This happens when the blood has insufficient amounts of hemoglobin (the substance that transports oxygen in the blood) or when carbon monoxide or other poisons alter hemoglobin. Stagnant anoxia develops when the blood flows so slowly that it loses most of its oxygen before completing its course through a tissue.  Part of the tissue thus receives little or no oxygen. An example of stagnant anoxia occurs during cold temperatures when blood vessels under the fingernails and in the lips constrict, causing cyanotic in those body parts. Poisons that make the tissues incapable of using the oxygen supplied cause Histotoxic anoxia.  Cyanide is such a poison.

Cerebral anoxia, when the brain is completely deprived of oxygen, an extreme form of cerebral hypoxia and oxygen saturation, a relative measure of the oxygen dissolved or carried in a medium; a measure of the severity of hypoxic condition.

A powerful tool, Onnuri SuJok that helps to increase the ability to act more acceptable in quality, as the modalities from the simplest to complex ones are self-sufficient for coping with such problems and obtaining a stable remission. Its energy concept that works in miniature form of hands or feet’s with the aim of increasing circulation of blood and vital energy, may work tremendously. As ENERGY may go up-to any extent, and at any level, because of this it is possible to give better effects irrespective of level of disease. The dominant controlling meridian is kidney that works in effective way! Or even dominant energy of coldness with oxygen controlling functional organ lungs can also be good approach to over come the problem.    

 BELIEVE, be of the opinion, view or be under the impression.

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